Things I am Learning and learned

👋🏻👀🦄Hello, world! I would like to share with you 3 things I learned in the past months.

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I want to be brief and fine but I wanted to share with you three things I learned and am learning as a UX UI designer in the working.

I would say the first one would be BE WITH YOUR PM’s I have a few but really be with them all of the ways through and engage them with you in your journey. I am really learning about educating people on the design and in my first encounter I wasn't deceived. I showed a low-resolution wireframe to the shareholders and it was a complete disaster on my first day. Then I talked to a mentor on the ADP list and they were like the first job is always a disaster anyway. Witch kinda reinsured me but I realized as the only designer in my team I had to go through the process of educating people on what is a design process. And educate the PM with you and make him or her give you feedback as much as possible discuss with them deeply even if it is hard and everyone is busy take the time to deeply understand the product and discuss with them as much as you can.

The second thing I would like to share with you is to envision what can be and that is really hard to share with people. I was given the project of the graveyard that is how they called it and at first, I thought nothing of it I was like I am going to do it and I was the designer taking care of the graveyard I fell in love with the potential of the product and discussed it so much with my PM that I could make so many discoveries and potential to the product. I learned so much UX UI-related that I could have just do what was asked of me but I didn't I went above and beyond for real software with machine learning that has a strong potential to improve my industry. I would say definitely envision what can be and not always just do what you see at first and involve people with your interactions explains in your hand off all of your interaction with a TLC and care. You cant envision what can be if you don't have this care it is all in how much you care for it.

I would say at last transmit your love and enthusiasm for the product. It does become contagious at first people were like what is this girl doing and I really stayed with my PM and it became exciting and contagious as well as I was talking about it. Then when you make discoveries you can share it with them and use a great skill persuasion so you can go to a graveyard. to it is just UI to it is UX and UI and a complete full circle. I even learned in the industry that I am in much more than most of the people can learn in the year because of my research and getting into the details of what is making a good product what are people looking for where does the problem lies I would not have understood the decisions made at first and how people were thinking. I assure you people will become excited with you it might take a while but it does.

I wish I could show it to you but I am bound to my NDA completely respected.

I will see you for my design values article really soon.

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